Amalgamated Heating LTD. is a full-service HVAC contractor that can cover all your HVAC needs


Because HVAC systems account for 40% to 60% of the energy used in commercial buildings, expert design work is critical. Many issues that surface after a job is completed are related to inferior design work, including user discomfort, poor indoor air quality and improper ventilation. Our experience in HVAC system design and construction has led to a long list of satisfied customers. Many report significant reductions in operating costs and maintenance and noticeable improvements in air quality and system reliability.

Many customers request pricing based on the estimated scope of a project alone, without specifications and engineering drawings. Our sales staff works out design/build quotes on a regular basis and is happy to help design a project that works well and fits within your budget. We will add our design expertise to help you define the scope of your project and create a realistic estimate of what’s involved.

Our HVAC deparment has worked on a wide range of industrial commercial design build projects, including IMARK Metals, Supreme Concrete, and Shell Carmon Creek. From design to installation, Amalgamated Heating can provide long-term, practical, high quality solutions for industrial and commercial applications.